Goals And Principles

IMOW is a Museum for the 21st Century!

The International Museum of Women is an innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world.



We envision a world where all voices are heard and valued equally and each person is treated with respect and dignity; a society free from inequality, oppression and discrimination, where each person is in control of her/his own destiny and where people work together to find peaceful resolution to conflict. We will contribute to this world by amplifying the voices of women through history, the arts and cultural programs that educate, create dialogue, build community, and inspire action. With our commitment to cultural change, I.M.O.W. advances the human right to gender equity worldwide.


  1. To be an organization that honors and values women, past, present and the futures they are creating.
  2. To accurately incorporate women into the historical record through both global and gender perspectives.
  3. To contribute to a culture where all women have a voice and participate fully in the societies they inhabit.
  4. To build global understanding by fostering international dialogues and promoting social, economic, cultural, and political equality.

Statement Of Principles


I.M.O.W. has articulated the following principles, which represent the core of its identity. These principles will underlie I.M.O.W.'s organizational culture and the development of its exhibits and public programming.
  1. We endorse the concept that women's rights are human rights.
  2. We advocate the principle of gender equality and partnership between men and women.
  3. We support international platforms and programs that work toward achieving gender equity.
  4. We assert that woman-centered historical knowledge is essential for understanding the forces that have shaped human cultural and socio-economic development.
  5. We build appreciation for and recognize the value of women's lives, their many contributions, and their diverse cultural experiences.

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