IMOW is now part of Global Fund for Women!

Together we are creating a bold new approach to women’s human rights. Read more about our merger here.


How does IMOW fulfill its mission?

IMOW inspires creativity, awareness and action on vital global issues for women. We connect and inspire people with powerful ideas and new ways of thinking that transform women's lives and the world.

With our merger with Global Fund for Women, our social change mission will accelerate. We believe that an organization that brings together expertise in fundraising, grant-making and capacity building with creativity, online savvy and story-telling ability will be powerfully equipped to make a major difference to the world's women.

How was IMOW founded?

IMOW was originally founded as the Women's Heritage Museum in 1985. For over 10 years, the Women's Heritage Museum produced exhibitions, hosted public programs, sponsored an annual book fair, provided teacher resources for Women's History Month, honored unknown women from our local history and recreated historic events.

One day a woman named Elizabeth Colton was seeking a destination to take her daughter to learn about women's lives and history. Elizabeth, without knowing her, contacted Gloria Steinem, noted feminist activist, and asked her to identify such a place. Upon learning that nothing existed, Elizabeth discovered the Women's Heritage Museum and soon become a dedicated volunteer.

In 1997, Elizabeth took notice that a group of local teachers were seeking a place to take their students. After a few years of serving on the board and working with the museum, Elizabeth and a group of other board members were sitting around her kitchen table and decided to transform the existing Women's Heritage Museum into the International Museum of Women. The small group then asked 100 women and men to each donate $1,000 to create the new museum.

Since its inception in 1997, IMOW has organized thirteen major exhibitions, hosted public forums, developed educational curriculum for schools and created a speaker series drawing world-class artists, authors and political leaders.

For an extended history of the early days of IMOW click here.

What programs does IMOW offer?

IMOW produces global online exhibitions and creative projects serving a worldwide community.

ONLINE EXHIBITIONS & CREATIVE PROJECTS: Our eExhibitions and creative projects offer visitors engaging experiences that inform them about women's issues and roles across countries and cultures. Our projects provoke new thinking and activism on women's human rights.

INSTALLATIONS AND EVENTS: IMOW's physical installations - like its recent photography series, Making Mothers Visible, are a physical focal point for artists and activists around the world. In the past three years IMOW has held physical events and installations in 14 countries on five continents

NEW INTIATIVES: with our recent merger with Global Fund for Women, stay tuned for new projects, initiatives and programs as we bring the two organizations together.

How can I support your work?

We welcome donations which help support new creative programs to build awareness and action on vital global issues for women. You can donate online.

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