In 2014, IMOW merged with Global Fund for Women. Together, we are building a bold new approach to women's human rights.

IMOW and Global Fund for Women share a vision- a just, equitable and sustainable world in which women and girls have resources, voice, choice and opportunities to realize their human rights. Global Fund's strengths are its networks, impact grantmaking and grounding in women's human rights. IMOW's strengths are "changing hearts and minds" through inspiring online content, high quality curation, digital story-telling and the arts. We've come to realize that we can pursue our shared vision more strongly together - and that the return for the world's women will be greater. In the year ahead, we will bring the two organizations, brands and websites together and lay out our vision for the combined organization. We will continue to produce exciting online multi-media projects and exhibitions. Our first joint project will launch in June 2014 and is titled Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women's Human Rights. The project will showcase the voices, art and ideas of women all over the world on the future of women's human rights.

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