Miss. Offen,these insights on the status of women's history in the 20th century are quite interesting and helpful.As we ( Students from Miss Pernelle's Women in History class) have learnt from our discussions and texts, is that the question of womens history has been been there prior to the 20th century but its affects and challenges have been quite diverse and complexed. Having studied brief texts from the 18th to 20th century we also see that not all women shared the same experiences, that is they all did not struggle. We often keep referring to Gisela Bock's text "Women's history and gender history" for our basic understanding on how history in general has always been male specific, and that one has to recognize that womens history should become part of this general history. We cannot possibly study women's and men history without the other because they are all linked in social, cultural, political realities. In order to have a better understanding of these relations we need to consider how different times required different measures to achieve womens rights as mentioned by you through the earlier quotes.