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The Global Fund for Women is a grantmaking foundation that seeds, strengthens and links women's rights organizations in every part of the world.

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We are part of a global women's movement that is rooted in a commitment to justice and an appreciation of the value of women's experience. The challenges women face vary widely across communities, cultures, religions, traditions and countries. We believe that women should have a full range of choices, and that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. The way in which we do our work is as important as what we do. This philosophy is reflected in our flexible, respectful and responsive style of grantmaking.

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Ending Gender-Based Violence and Building Peace, Ensuring Economic and Environmental Justice, Advancing Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Expanding Civic and Political Participation, Increasing Access to Education, Fostering Social Change Philanthropy

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Vagina Monologues by <br>and for Muslim Women

Vagina Monologues by
and for Muslim Women

Three Moroccan women living in Belgium present twelve poetic, intense and touching monologues called The Veiled Monologues that offer a rare look into the lives of Muslim women. Go beyond the veil and leave all your stereotypes at the theatre door. (French)

Get Connected in India

Get Connected in India

Have ideas for your own form of inspiring media? Did you know that India has an incredible online resource for women in the media? At the Network of Women in Media, share information and resources, exchange ideas, promote media awareness and ethics, and work for gender equality within the media and society. (English)


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From Women, Power and Politics:

The Board of Directors of the Global Fund for Women, a diverse group of leaders from many nations, including Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Morocco, Nicaragua, Nigeria, the Philippines, Ukraine, and the United States, is deeply concerned about the brutal epidemic of rape and sexual aggression currently being used as a tool of war against women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Global Fund for Women sees this as an ongoing crime against humanity and we stand in solidarity with other human rights organizations as we call for an end to the violence and immediate action by the international community.  


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