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rahina adamu

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Am a muslim woman and a human rights/women's rights activist, sometimes a feminist ! i love who i am and i love being a woman . i have worked with many international organisations but now own my own brand ... cuddles and giggles.... which is all about women and children. I was born in Nigeria and still resides therein.I love meeting new people and exploring.I love art and read a great lot of stuffs especially on development issues and also fiction and not to forget i love travelling but i never get to do that...

We are children of the earth we all came through a devine and beautiful process of love
We are all special and diffrent in our tiny little ways and we all deserve to be happy
So how come we are killing each other?
so how come we are not tolerating each other?
How come we dont shear the sweet love that we all came into being with?

We all deserve to be happy no matter OUR colour, race, sex, believe,religion,interest......................


Exhibit change by:

By talking to young girls around me to find their identity , and also working with women on my blog called cuddles and giggles women, which is all about inspiring and friendship, were sisters get to be sisters! I love write ups when i do get the chance. i use to write poetry but i never do get to write any now!

I'm passionate about:

Human rights,
Women rights
Evolving religion