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Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

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I am an indie author, mother of three, wife of more than 20 years, Muslim, artist, oncology nurse.

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All good things begin in the home. I have managed, with the help of Allah, to raise three intelligent, artistic, sensitive, independent children who have already managed to surpass me, not only in faith and intelligence but also goodness.
I work with women who have breast cancer. I am blessed to take the journey with them, to be their support and guide, and to learn some of the life lessons they learn.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about issues regarding women, their humane treatment.
I am passionate about dispelling myths and stereotypes as they serve only as barriers that keep us from reaching our true potential as human beings.
I am passionate about motherhood. There are no perfect mother's but there is the perfect attempt to be better a better human being, so that in learning by example, our children will be too.
I am passionate about my work as an oncology nurse. I try give support in all the ways that I must as a nurse, in all the ways that are requested of me as a friend to women, and in all the ways that are needed in the right time.
I am passionate about writing. I believe that every person has a gift. Some people have more than one. I believe that writing is my strongest gift among so many that I have been blessed with. I work hard to find and develop my voice so that I might say something to touch hearts and initiate conversations.
I am passionate about God. The path to Him is right before my eyes, and yet in my humanity, my weakness, I can not see it. I strive to stay on the path that I might know his will for me and fulfill that will.
I am passionate about life. It is so very short and the end is unknown to us all. I want to live it in the way that makes me most happy and in the way that is most productive while I still can.
I am passionate...