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Anne Provost

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Born in Massachusetts, on Good Friday, second in line of five girls and one boy.Catholic/Christian education and an Associates Degree in Arts and Science with Honors when I was a single mother with my daughter Sarah. We traveled to Ocean Beach CA by means of the 'Green Tortoise' alternative travel bus. Within a few months we met John who I had dreams of with our first son, two years prior to meeting him. We adventure to northern CA,back south and birth Jon Starr then CO birth Brindaven,then WA birth Benjamen under water! Joyous! I'v always had a love for gardening(thanks Papa and Mom) and planted one where ever we lived. In 1994 we had a house fire on Christmas day...a blessing in disguise because we were blessed to live Sathya Sai Baba in India for five years. A Spiritual journey and discovery of Self. In 2000 we seperated, I came to Hawai'i(NOH) where my mother and three sisters live with their ohanas.
I live in paradise! What more can I say. I continue to garden and have several landscaping jobs. I caregive/work and live with a friend Heather who is this dynamic woman with a SCI but has incredible "Life" and self-determination.She is a member of the Develomental Disabilities Council for Self-Advocacy and has taught me many lessons.
My greatest gift is my artwork and the ability to create 'photo'-like portraits. Being able to express the visions I am blessed to experience.
I also do physical therapy-Rolfing and Energy Balancing on occasion.

Exhibit change by:

"I AM" a Sovereign Nation unto myself. My body is the temple of the living Lord, I have the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. The right to LOVE and partake in the Garden of Eden-EARTH.
Change starts within....

I'm passionate about:

The Art of Loving Life, The freedom of self-sustainability for everyone. Free alternative energy...if one country can do it why not all?! The healing power of art, music and Nature. Music on Maui-( international, alternative, commercial free, non-profit. I am passionate about freedom of choice in health care. There is a natural remedy for every dis-ease and imbalance.