Lana Whiskeyjack


  • City, State: ST. Paul, Alberta
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

kikac ninehiyaw (almost Cree woman). I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, art actionist, artist, lover of learning and playing. I am also an art instructor at a First Nations College

Exhibit change by:

I exhibit change by being the change I want to see (Thanks to the wise words of Ghandi). Each moment I attempt to live the sacred by being respectful and aware as nohkom (my grandmother) taught me.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about creating healthy change in our Aboriginal communities by creating awareness, experience the conceptual, and promoting and maintaining healthy relationships with others and our earth.

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From Exhibiting You:

Nikawiy Mena Awasis
In the Cree language, nikawiy means "mother" and awasis means "child." This painting is from a short small series I am working on about the mother and child. The series stems from my own personal healing journey of reconnecting with my mother in order for me to reconnect with my teenage daugther.


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