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  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish
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About me:

The International Museum of Women is a social change museum dedicated to valuing the lives of women around the world. If you have questions or comments about I.M.O.W. or our Web site, send me a message through the community.

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Exhibit change by:

Through innovative online exhibitions in 4 languages, a dynamic speaker series, and a Global Council of women leaders around the world.

I'm passionate about:

Valuing the lives of women around the world.

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Go Vote. Go Run. <br>Go Lead. Go Girl!

Go Vote. Go Run.
Go Lead. Go Girl!

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From Economica:

A Conversation with Ingrid Betancourt
On October 28, 2010, the International Museum of Women hosted Ingrid Betancourt as she discussed her story as told in her memoir, Even Silence Has an End, as part of I.M.O.W.'s Extraordinary Voices, Extraordinary Change Speaker Series.   

From Women, Power and Politics:

The Solidarity Quilt
In 2004, The World March of Women, an international network of 6,000 grassroots women's organizations, created a global charter for humanity, an official statement of the group's goals. In 31 affirmations, the charter calls on men, women and oppressed groups across the planet to "transform the world," "radically change social structures" and live together with "equality, peace, freedom, solidarity and justice." It's a compelling vision of an ideal world. But what do these abstract goals look like for everyday women? The answer is the women's solidarity quilt, a colorful patchwork of women's hopes and promises for a better world. View each of the patchworks in the solidarity quilt.

From Women, Power and Politics:

Women Working for Women
Featured Community Voice: María María Acha Visual artist María María Acha  is taking the issue of gender equality to the streets of Mexico. Through visual biographies of remarkable women who have worked for gender equality, she aims to rescue, inform and sensitize people to the history of women's work in the world.

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