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I'm a designer who actually designed the logo for IMOW years ago as a pro bono project. This logo came from my heart and here is the concept.

I have repeated the symbol of women 3 times and the colors in between are represented by a color. Purple is for the present, Gold is for the past, and Green is for the future, as we must remember and appreciate women of all times. And the circle that holds the elements together represents unity, and our world.

This was one of my favorite project I had completed. And it means so much to me to see how much this organization has grown and have accomplished so much by inspiring women from all ages and races. I think the tag line "exhibiting change" is perfect for what the concept has expressed. We have come so far and we have so much more to accomplish. Kudos to you all who have joined IMOW and praises to those who have contributed so much.

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