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Rev. Erah

About Me:

ordained priest of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church) handling a mission church, a mother of 4 whose husband is also a priest, involves in ecumenical undertakings, currently the youth chaplain of the diocese I belong and head the Christian Education and Nurture Committee of the diocese. writes poem, biblico-theological reflection, and currently undergoing a masteral study on Family Psychology and Education. friendly: friends are gems/ treasures. peace, & justice and integrity of creation advocate, feminist, child care advocate and promotes preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and natural health care

Exhibit change by:

teaching liberating concepts, believes that education is a tool to liberate people from oppression and all forms of dehumanization, church as one instrument for transformation and being an example for truth, honesty and service

I'm passionate about:

women, children, environment, societal transformation, and with human interest