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Jewel Forster

About Me:

I am an American citizen, living in California. I've been active in many grassroots political movements--including activism around antinuclear and social justice issues, and have also worked on ballot initiative campaigns related to environmental issues.

Exhibit change by:

I recently saw the classic movie, "Harold and Maude" again, and was very much taken with seventy-nine year-old Maude's response to youngster Harold's question about her current activism (she had been a hell-raiser in her younger days--fighting for "Big issues, liberty and rights.") Harold asks, "No more revolts?" Maude looks so wistful, and then turns with sparkling eyes, "Oh, yes! Every day. But I don't need a defense anymore. I embrace! Still fighting for the big issues but now in my small, individual way....Shall we have a song?" And that's how I feel, exactly.

I'm passionate about:

Environment, global warming, the future of sustainable & renewable energy, equity, literacy and education, world-wide social justice, feminist economics.