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Wangui Banks

About Me:

I am of Swiss/Kenyan origin and moved to the US in 2004. I started my business, , in 2005 selling Fair Trade Kenyan products at Arts and Crafts shows around California. In 2007 I opened my first shop in the Crocker Galleria, located in San Francisco's Financial District.

Exhibit change by:

I go to work everyday with my baby strapped to me or in her stroller and spend the rest of my day juggling her needs with my customers'. I purchase and showcase art made by women in Kenya. I support and adhere to fair trade principles. I believe in the importance of women's empowerment and live it everyday and draw inspiration from women from all over the world.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about a human being's right to a dignified life. I am passionate about living a sustainable life and raising my children to be thoughtful global citizens.