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beatrice bowles

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What interests me is how children learn about "God" and how it affects them. As a single mother in the 60's, I read to my children a lot. When I came across a book of creation myths from many cultures, I discovered that world mythology encompasses all traditions and connects all religions. Fighting over which sacred story is "right" seemed insane. So I studied world mythology and worked with Joseph Campbell to create a PBS recording of creation stories which I thought would change the world of spiritual education. It didn't. So I went back to school, became a professional storyteller, and began a series of children's programs at the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park in SF and at schools across the country. In Louisville, I met my composer, Sara MacLean, and we perform & record CDs of diverse cultures' stories which share a cross-cultural theme.

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I continue to learn. A few years ago, I earned an MFA in Writing with an emphasis on writing for children and began my first novel. I gather new stories wherever I go and perform in new places. Sara and I just won a NAPPA award for our "Spark Catchers" CD, and were featured on Boston Fox 25 TV as one of the best spoken word recordings for kids of 2008. I persevere!

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I am passionate about opening young minds to cultural relativity and the deep likeness that links all spiritual traditions. Children must not be herded into narrow religious thinking that puts free societies-and the fate of the world--at risk. Democracy and free thinking can be bolstered delightfully through stories!