Luz Darriba


  • City, State: Lugo, Galicia
  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Age: 60

About me:

Soy una artista plástica multidsiciplinar que trabaja básicamente con el tema de género

I'm passionate about:

la vida, el arte

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From Women, Power and Politics:

Campaigning for Traffic Light Women

Featured Community Voice: Luz Darriba

Artist Luz Darriba is waging a campaign for the traffic light women to be her public representatives. On International Women's Day on March 8, 2006, Luz and a group of volunteers took to the streets of Lugo in northern Spain to modify 76 pedestrian crossing lights to show female icons. Her art intervention called Señales (Street signs): Woman Pedestrian, You Can Cross the Street Too sparked a public dialogue on women's discrimination and under-representation in even the most everyday things.



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