imren Tüzün


  • City, State: Antalya, Turkey
  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa
  • Languages: Turkish

About me:

imren Tüzün is an artist who lives and works in Antalya/Turkey. She has six solo and many group,mixed exhibition. Her writing and articles on poetry,literatur and travel have been published in various magazines. She made two short films "on the move" (2005), "Innocent Drawings" (2009) and three videos "walking on the Sea" (2007, " silence and desire" and "a married woman in front of the mdeiterranean".She is member of International Association of Art - Turkey. 1st and 2nd Antalya Lemon Short Film Days has been held held by Imren Tuzun with Ahmet Tuzun, Françoise Pierrot.Her web site address is

My Web site:

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I'm passionate about:

Art, literatur, particularly poetry and novel, films and travel, women rights.

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Walking on the Sea
Throughout history, the Mediterranean region has been the stage for a number of important migrations, which resulted in the so-called Mediterranean Civilization. The ancient civilizations it has hosted, the subsequent population exchanges, and the attraction it holds for people today have kept the Mediterranean pulse beating and culture beaming.  


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