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Shamila Daluwatte

About Me:

I am a Lawyer A poet
My motto
"I am a nomadic woman
Lonely Itinerant
I have five feet height body
My body is light
I have strong legs
I can walk
I can run
Yet know no directions

I can travel without fear
No treasury that I own
No worriers over thieves
My blood is B+
I am positive
I am a single lonely traveler
I have a compassionate heart
I have love to share
I travel … I travel "

Exhibit change by:

through my writings, poems, and online discussions

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about Women and Politics, women's rights

I have a dream that all women will be free from violence
That they could take their breath with comfort
I have a dream that all girls will be free from abuse
That they could trust their land of the living
I have a dream that all wives will be free from domestic violence in their own homes
I have a dream that women will walk in public
the way they like Without being harassed
I have a dream that women will not be ridiculed with virginity tests on their honeymoon beds
I have a dream that the killing of women in the name of honour will be stopped in their faithful societies
I have a dream I don’t have to read newspaper stories of stabbing,
Killing, raping millions of women and girls
When I wake up in the morning
I have a dream that the abuse of women will vanish
Like morning dew disappears when the Sun comes
I have a dream that women will enjoy freedom and democracy
Like water for the thirst and food for the hunger
Shamila Daluwatte