Lidia Simeonova

United States

  • City, State: Shelby Twp., MI
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

I was born and grew up in Bulgaria, and earned a Masters of Fine Arts from Velico Tarnovo University of Fine Art. I have lived in Czechoslovakia and Germany and came to the United States in 1994. My paintings have been in many national and international shows, where I received recognition and numerous awards. Today my portfolio reflects a variety of mediums and style. My paintings from Bulgaria differ greatly from what I produced in Germany or America. I spent many years as an abstract artist, but the human figure has always persisted in the creative process. Now human expression and relationships are the leading thoughts when I take a brush or pencil. I am trying to create work in which life and painting blend in a perfect existential poem. I want to present the viewer with a harmonious, contemplative image, which speaks to the spiritual complexities of our existence. Edmond Demirdjian

I'm passionate about:

Women - with all their emotional inner word and the way they interact with the rest of the world

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From Exhibiting You:

My art reflects my life in all of its stages. I have frozen on canvas--and in time--both good and bad moments from my life. My travels have influenced me the most; a free spirit and wanderlust, I have traveled around the world, changing and maturing both as a person and as an artist.  


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