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What Women Want (Australia) is the only political party dedicated to advancing issues affecting Australian women. We want our parliaments to be more representative.

We believe that the male domination of politics limits and negatively impacts on decisions and policies.

What Women Want (Australia) will dedicate its work to giving women more of a say in the direction of our country and the important policies that shape it.

The work of What Women Want (Australia) will not exclude men, as we know that they play an important role in many women’s lives.

What Women Want (Australia) simply wants to promote greater participation from women of all ages. We believe that everyone in our society will benefit from that.

Decisions and policies made by government affect women’s health and well-being. They also affect the lives of others, particularly that of their partners and children. We believe that with more women in Parliament these decisions would be more ‘woman and family friendly’.

Policies would have the ‘stamp of practicality’ from women who are ‘walking the talk.’ Women who understood how hard it is to juggle work and family and how good it is when as a woman you are supported.

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From Women, Power and Politics:

How to Start a Women’s Party

Featured Community Voice: What Women Want (Australia)

Justine Caines is the founder and leader of the first Australian women's political party, What Women Want (Australia). Created to reform childbirth and maternity healthcare, the party fielded 18 candidates in the 2007 elections and garnered 60,000 votes. Although they did not win, the women were satisfied with their results. Today, they are preparing for the upcoming elections by working on projects that promote women's rights. They have already tasted success: After nine years of campaigning, the Australian government agreed last month to consider funding midwives.



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