Barsha Hamal

United States

  • City, State: New York, NY
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

"The only journey is the one within."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Exhibit change by:

maintaining the importance of intellectual freedom, transforming tragedy into a life of purpose, celebrating sisterhood, sharing ideas and stories, shifting the landscape of possibility, and focusing on personal growth.

I'm passionate about:

Sustainable Development, Immigration Reform, Rights of Non-Citizens, Comparative Politics, Food Aid as Dumping, Neocolonialism, Structural Adjustment, Development of Religion, Public Funding for Controversial Art, Social Movements, Public Space, etc.

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See How Your Nation Stacks Up

See How Your Nation Stacks Up

How many women serve in your country’s legislative body? The Inter-Parliamentary Union
keeps tabs on women’s representation in government. -- English and French



Artworks by male migrant workers expressing homesickness and wonderment in a foreign land.


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