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Goals of the Oakland School for the Arts: *Students achieve best in an environment that is carefully balanced between high expectations and caring, well-designed support. *Schools function best when faculty, staff and administrators are creative, flexible and innovative in all areas of their work. *The arts and other creative endeavors stimulate critical thinking, natural curiosity about the world and their study results in greater success in all areas of school and life. *Collaboration among everyone in the school environment is essential to the success of the institution. *Families play a central role in student success and the creation of a school culture that is both rigorous and filled with joy and excitement. *There is a creative solution to every problem and challenge, and by working together these solutions can and will be found.

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From Exhibiting You:

Tell Me When to Vote
This story was created as part of a 2008 education pilot project between I.M.O.W. and Oakland School for the Arts. The video is a response to the Malaysian Everywoman story from the Women, Power and Politics exhibition. The character Mak Bedah promotes democracy by delivering political-minded messages to the catchy beat of American pop songs.

We wanted to show our support for the Malaysian women's political movement, so we created our version of the hip-hop song "Tell Me When to Go." We hope our video will encourage people internationally to get involved in the democratic process and the trajectory of their country's future.  

From Exhibiting You:

This video was put together by three students from the Oakland School for the Arts. Anais Kane and Chetina Hunter are in the vocal emphasis, while Knia Ward is in the dance department. The original song and choreography in the video were inspired by their study of women through the exhibition "Women, Power and Politics" by the International Museum of Women. This song and the interpretive dance is an empowerment piece for women; it encourages women to use their power and fight for their goals.



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