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Toni Hobbs

About Me:

Honesty is key. My pieces incorporate repetitive spirals and fast/fluid black ink lines, paint spatters and reticulation of thinned gouache, ink and spray paint. As each have a mind of their own, I find them to be very symbolic of my own controlled chaos. I have found wood to be an excellent canvas for my art as it is seemingly common and has many other uses. I enjoy the stability of the material and the fact that spray paint works well with it. I use spray paint -- as it forces my water-based ink and paint to be used carefully and deliberately. This constant repulsion and attraction is a delicate balance, much like life and it is an important factor in the art I create. As a lesbian artist living in Appalachia, interesting experiences seem to abound. :) I am dedicated to actively promote equality, awareness and .. ultimately -- love. Wage love on life and watch the war with popcorn and a soda --- it's only a movie anyway.

Exhibit change by:

I strive to live my life as honestly and openly as possible and to be a strong role model for my students, colleagues and community. I try to be active in both the campus and local communities . . . and am of the opinion that most people fear and hate others due to ignorance. With communication, I firmly believe we can help decrease this fear of ourselves and others.

I'm passionate about:

women (especially in relation to Appalachia / society in general); war; LGBT; AIDS; mental health; spiritual abuse/ religion