Jennifer Mourin


  • City, State: Georgetown, Penang
  • Geographic Location: Asia
  • Languages: English

About me:

I am a self taught visual artist from Malaysia who has returned to art after many years as an environmental and political activist. I now want to devote my life to my first true calling, art! Art is an inseparable part of my life. Eurasian (Thai/English)by birth, I unequivocally Asian in mind and spirit. I live and work on the beautiful island of Penang.

Editorial Collective member Spare Rib Magazine, UK (1984-1992);
Programme Officer to Dep.Ex. Director, Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific, Malaysia (PAN AP – 1993-2008);
Freelance Editor, Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA, 2010);
Consultant, World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, Malaysia (WABA – 2009-present).


October 2010
- Exhibit and stall at WABA Breastfeeding Partners Forum (GBPF -, Paintings sold to participants from the Medical Filed from India, Africa and the US.

November 2010
- Exhibit and stall at the Little Penang Street Market (,Painting sold to medical Professional from Penang Island Hospital.

December 2010
- Exhibit on Facebook: Painting sold to client from Belgium

January 2011
- Exhibit and stall at the Little Penang Street Market, Paintings sold to visitors from Japan and Australia.

March 12 to 20, 2011
- 'Creative Women’s Exhibit' at the g Hotel, as part of the Penang State governments’ International Women’s Day celebrations.

May 22 to June 12, 2011
- Joint 'Art Exhibition on Motherhood: Celebrating and Supporting Women as Mothers, Workers and Nurturers!', at the Gallery Seni Mutiara, 118, Armenian Street, Penang on the occasion of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) 20th Anniversary. (See:

Exhibit change by:

Change manifests itself in many ways, in many streams, but all it takes is one act of kindness, bravery, or conscience to make change! My mode of change is now through my art! Working with gouache, acrylic and oils, my art features and celebrates strong women in all facets of their daily lives, women responding to the on-going changes in their environment and communities; and seeking spiritual balance and love.

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I'm passionate about:

Power politics between nations, between hemispheres - which has its roots in greed, and is seen in microcosm everyday in the power politics between men and women. And, the resulting devastation from human-kinds misguided search for so called 'development', 'wealth' and 'growth". I am also very aware the search for identity - as a woman, a community, a nation. Benevolently haunted by memories of my mother’s Thai village in Kelantan, they reference my work, and I have claimed the sarongs the women wore as a totem. Increasingly aware of how such a loving, nurturing act as breastfeeding has ironically become a controversial, even ‘obscene’, act in society’s often cynical eye, I have also reclaimed this as well, revelling in the power of mothers supporting mothers, women supporting women.

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