Melodie Mayne

United Kingdom

  • City, State: Somerset
  • Geographic Location: Europe
  • Age: 52

About me:

I am a human being, trying to pay attention to as many levels of my existence as i am able.
I come from a very dysfunctional early background,and my life has been focussed on the healing process since my teenage years.
I am a mother of two, and also a grandmother of two, and being a mother and grandmother has been a huge source of joy in my life.
I studied and practiced Homeopathy for 25 years, and that and parenthood have been the absorbing passions of my adult life.
The urge to paint was always present however, I spent a lot of time painting and drawing in my childhood, but then made a decision at nineteen that being an artist would be too self-indulgent, when the world was so full of sick people needing to mend. I don't regret the decision, but it became clear to me 2 years or so ago that part of my own mending required reversing it! Now am giving myself time to paint.

Exhibit change by:

change is exhibited by vibration and behaviour.

I'm passionate about:

raising consciousness; health,education,our beautiful planet,the connections between all things and beings.

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From Exhibiting You:

"Nil aon tin tan mar do thin tan fein" is an Irish proverb that can be translated as "there is no fireside like your own." The literal, and rough, translation is, "there is no hearth like the hearth of youself." The ability to be alone and sit quietly at one's own inner hearth, or heart, is worth developing. Those moments when you open the doors of your own heart and look within, when you warm yourself with the flames of love that radiate from your own inner fire, without asking anything in return, are strengthening. But we also have to remember that too much time spent alone can make us blue, even when we are surrounded by lush growth.


From Community:

If men have MUSES, guiding feminine spirit entities, sometimes projected onto real women, that inspire them to great (and small) works of art,then DAIMON refers to the corresponding spirit of divine and inspirational masculine as 'soul-companion' and guiding light for women's creativity.  


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