Hareem Tanvir


  • City, State: Lahore
  • Geographic Location: Asia

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From Exhibiting You:

Exploring, unraveling and expressing woman's sensuality, especially in an implicit way, is challenging. Women are an unraveled mystery--an enigma. The female figure is not taboo in my culture, but like in any other culture, the nude form is not publicly displayed. In most religions and cultures, female and male sexuality is kept private and secret. I do not find it socially difficult to represent the female body, but the challenge lies in presenting the sensuousness of the female body in a subtle way.

Through my work, I have observed women in different situations and societies, yet I am still unable to see past the veil and reveal the female mystery. To achieve my mission I studied body parts that characteristically define female beauty: feet, toes, arms and hair. I explore these ambiguous realms and try to represent the female body as a sensual landscape. My conclusion is that this gender carries supreme strength, strong will and profundity.


From Community:

Combining photography and painting, my new work recreates European old-master paintings in a contemporary South Asian setting. This method generates a dialogue about the differences in subject matter and representation between the Western and the Southeast Asian artists. What does their art say about the culture and the religion of their respective societies?



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