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About Me:

Educated in science, am a post graduate in Psychology. Freelancer Social work. Born in Haflong assam. Grew up in the hills. lived near the Brahmaputra river. Struggled, fought to survive the harshness and cruelty of a society so constrained restricted and merciless. A society which will still have no remorse if meek defenseless women died.

Exhibit change by:

I have had very little opportunity to help condemned beaten battered women, but I would like to help them, pull them out of the gutters they have been pushed into.
Education, even primary education is what many village women need, of any community. vocational training to stop child marriages which are still alive, specially in rajasthan. Stop selling of young women even child girls to men ,taking money by Parents and/or brother. if the girl is battered thrown out, then she is sold to another man. this time the parents and the former husband all recieve money.... maybe sold 9 times or 10 times.... the custom is called Nata-Sata

I'm passionate about:

Try to bring about changes: quality of Life for the Poor, downtrodden people. help educate girls, women, at least basic education for village women.
Rescue missions or psychological support for women who are victims of home violences, either by their husbands, or brothers or father even. rehabilitation for women battered, beaten , thrown out, or made mentally broken/deranged by continuous violence.
Protecting young girls from being sold by their fathers or husbands over and over again to another"husband"
Equality to women.
removing Social stigmas, superstitions, false social norms that destroy the lives of women and men, in the process.