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Joy Losee

About Me:

I have traveled all over the world and have always been an advocate for women. I hav written articles about women for an Atlanta magazine and did a newsletter for women for 10 years. I have collected around 50 women's native costumes from many cultures around the world and have used the collection in shows to raise money for women's causes and to educate others about women in other cultures. I would eventually like to have IMOW become the owner of this collection.

Exhibit change by:

I simply use my own life as an example to other women for being independent and self-sufficient. I am a widow and I hope to be able to do more to promote the advocacy of women around the world.

I'm passionate about:

I am passionate about women around the world having free and easy access to contraception and to medical care for themselves and their children. I am equally passionate about the education of women and girls. I am a member of KIVA and I donate some money to help promote women in small business in third world countries. I am passionate about women being free from the bonds and burdens of oppressive religions which subjugate them and are brutal to them.