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Alia Kate

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Since a young age, the world has been my classroom. In addition to having lived in Indonesia, Cameroon, Ecuador, and Spain, I most recently returned from having lived for more than a year in Morocco.

During that time I attained conversational fluency in both French and Arabic, adding to my previous knowledge of Spanish. All of these experiences have contributed to my passion for languages and other cultures.
While in Morocco, I worked as an Advocacy Specialist with Adros, a project that seeks to eliminate child labor in Morocco through education.

I hold a B.A. from Oberlin College where I studied Politics with a concentration in International Studies focusing on the Middle East and North Africa.

I am currently in the process of starting a fair-trade rug importing business from Morocco. I trade directly with the women artisans and reinvest a portion of all my proceeds back into local education initiatives.

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Mostly I am passionate about education, but that manifests itself in several different ways in my life.

Recently I have been swept away by a growing enchantment with the art of weaving-- everything from textiles to fabric, from rugs to stories.

On a more personal level, I am absolutely fanatic about women's rugby. And playing it. And coaching it.

Now, the trick is to find a way to interweave rugs, rugby, and teaching...