• City, State: Surat, Gujarat
  • Geographic Location: Asia

About me:

A professional HR consultant who runs an activity called MARG(the path)along with his colleague Mansi. Marg works on children issues especially focusing on educational issues of urban slum children. A theatre artist, associated with the making of docufilms, graphic & web designer also promotes artistic culture through meaningful entertainment under the banner of EXIST. It successfully organized the first international film festival in the city called SURAT CINE FEST,09.

Exhibit change by:

Through my art and children I work with.

I'm passionate about:

Female identity and Equality, harmony.

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From Community:

Teenage Hero

This is the real life story of a teenage girl on a quest for a better life; about struggle to change what she knew she needed to change-an everyday revolution that slipped from the eyes of many around her, but created a significant impact on her own dark, narrow world. She fought to be free from the clutches of tradition, poverty and gender traditions to venture into a larger world, where dreams can come true.


From Community:

Into The Dark
Right to life just does not mean mere animal existence. Dignity. That is the word which needs to be recognized to live life. Sadly there is a darker reality in the society woven around women. They practice the oldest profession in the world. Sex work. Neither, a slightest sympathy, nor a single good word is given to these women. Into the Dark will give a glimpse of that world. I Hope there would be light someday in there darkness, for these women are entitled to have the same rights and dignity as a fellow human being.  


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