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Monica Davis is an Indiana-based author, columnist, radio personality and public speaker. She specializes in economics, history and public policy issues and has written articles on land loss, bank failure, environmental justice and alternative energy. She is published in Great Britain, the U.S. and India and home schoolers in New Zealand have used her articles as teaching tools. Ms. Davis has given presentations on land lynching and the farm catastrophe at churches, museums and universities. Her articles have been read into the Congressional Record and used as the basis for interviews by other reporters. She is available for speaking engagements. Her author web site is She may be reached at

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I believe that information is a powerful tool and those who do not have access to information remain powerless; hence, my writings are geared to bring information to those who do not normally have access to tools to combat institutional racism, ageism and bureaucratic thuggery.

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Land theft, black farmers, environmental sustainability, human rights, educide--the gradual killing of young minds by our "education system"