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Vicki Dye

About Me:

I am wickedly vibrant woman learning to live out loud with power, grace, beauty, and passion. When I was 23 years old I could not for the life of me answer the question "What does it mean to be a woman?" At 32 I know a little and every day I learn again just how vast the question really is. And yet...I continue the exploration because of the Flowering Feminine life in me.

Exhibit change by:

Well, I open my mouth a lot (but probably not enough). I listen to others, reflect and offer what I see. I care for children really well and am never shy to do it. I am the lady at the grocery store who has something witty and sweet to say to the 5 year old as she is begging to buy one of the various sundries being marketed to her at eye level. Whatever it is I say, offers a fun distraction and everyone walks away feeling a little better.
I also clean up after the folks that miss the trash can in my little town of affluent but distracted people.

I'm passionate about:

Water and children. The latent creativity in a great deal of humanity. Mother and her many faces: personal, practical, precious and divine. Healing feminine sexuality. And writing...I love love love to write.