Paola Gianturco

United States

  • City, State: mill valley, ca
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 75

About me:

I am a photographer and writer who documents women's lives and issues internationally.

Exhibit change by:

Have had 4 books published, all philanthropic projects that generate income for nonprofits working on women's issues. I speak about and exhibit my work internationally. IMOW's first curated exhibit in 2004 was based on my second book, Celebrating Women, and IMOW is receiving 100% of my author royalties from that book.

I'm passionate about:

women and girls' experience of Illiteracy, poverty, water, trafficking, violence, disease, discrimination, human rights

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From Economica:

Photojournalist Paola Gianturco visited the Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India. There, she met illiterate and semi-literate women from all over Africa who are being trained by Indian women to become solar engineers. After six months at the Barefoot College in Rajasthan, they will return home and bring electricity to their villages for the first time. Says Gianturco, "They will change life for the better, forever."  

From Economica:

Mujeres Constructoras in Nicaragua redefines "domestic labor." This innovative organization trains women in electrical work and carpentry, in the process changing their lives, the community and the country. All photographs by Paola Gianturco.


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