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Masud Alam Liton

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Masud Alam Liton is a documentary photographer based in Dhaka,Bangladesh.
He got interested in photography and completed Graduation in photography and photojournalism from Pathshala- South Asian Institute of photography, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Liton’s prime interest on social issue and human rights documentaries. He believes that people can get help by photography and know what happening around the world.

His photographs published in some local Newspapers.
He won first prize BPS (Bangladesh photographic society) Photo contest-2005,
China international press photo award (CHIPP) in daily life (Bronze) 2009
SOTIRI international prize for young photographers- 2009

Liton working as a freelance photographer.

Exhibit change by:

My motivation is actually a confused state of mind. Initially when out of curiosity I meet some of them in a fashion show I was taken aback by the stories they had to tell. I surely have developed a type of relationship, which enabled me to photograph them at their trade. But to be honest it would be hard to classify the association. While I may be a given credible point for being able to craft access and win their trust and faith I constantly always seek my own motivation for befriending them. I can only hope that by continuing our relationship we shall be able to bring to a close – both of our reason. Obviously the obvious motivation would have been to gain access. And then their story started unfolding before my eyes. As my story “Requiem for Freedom” failed subjectively to condemn the practice when I had balanced the stark reality of poverty and opportunities and probably lost prospect, the fact remains that they have the right to earn and dream. Here I should also mention that I am speaking from the perspective of Bangladesh.
Consequently the audience I would like to reach is the administration but I would prefer a wider audience from the general population to mandate a solution and specifically neither by ideology nor condemnation but by understanding the root cause of these practices. Surely my story has managed to juxtapose the amazing contradictions of hard reality for surviving and the so-called rights and wrong of society.

I'm passionate about:

Social issue and human rights documentaries.