Cheryl Braganza


  • City, State: Montreal, Quebec
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Urdu and Konkani

About me:

I am an artist, writer, musician and poet working actively with organizations that focus on human rights, especially women's rights.
Last year, 2008, I received the Montreal Woman of the Year Award from the Montreal Council of Women for having created awareness to the plight of the immigrant woman through my art.

My Web site:

Visit My Web site (

Exhibit change by:

Through my writings and paintings, through inspirational speeches to groups and organizations which tell my life story and seem to empower others.

I'm passionate about:

women's rights, poverty, literacy, education, discrimination, peace, the environment, painting, writing, playing jazz and classical piano, reading, connecting with women

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From Economica:

Despite the fact that women have historically been excluded from many economic opportunities, they have always found new and resourceful ways to contribute. Now, a greater number of women than ever before are participating in the economy, and the result is beneficial to woman-kind and society as a whole. Cheryl Braganza's vivid painting depicts the optimism and excitement of women earning new respect and assisting each other at the grassroots level to work towards an economically robust and sustainable future.

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