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Tammy Mike Laufer

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Artist Specialty:3d digital drawing and video art
digital art
Tammy Mike Laufer is a Designer and an Artist. Work and live in ISRAEL.
Her professional education from the ' Technion ' Israel Institute of Technology Graphic Design Degree, and Continuing education program for Designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv.
She deals with Digital Art almost two decades.
She worked as Art Director in an Israeli Computer games Productions company.
She is, One of the first artists who had converted to traditional artistic practice, To a digital pen and a mouse.
Her arts are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover.
She has participated in exhibitions in Museums and galleries around the world, 53' Venice Biennale, New York, Italy, Greece, Japan, Tel Aviv and more.

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I creates a story in motion Video art and stils...about many issuse like, Inspires women,successful women
and circle of life.
A woman can bring children into the world, but she can also search of true spiritual re-birth itself. Inside the circle by meeting the internal process the personal Outburst, look into the woman herself. The process occurs within the space created in the circle. Space which allows separation between internal and external, into focus in mind there is no impediment. Generated in the circle , the woman free to find the answers and solutions from herself.
Today there is no time for women to bleed quietly, Loost the pressures shed the old to upload a new one.
Rhythm of life we've created, does not allow changes to the entity female between the inner world, allowing it to feel the pulse from the internal pump and Inspiration external action.
Spiral is like a woman energy, According to what Wise by the East say, is also circular, it going to expand. This is allowing us to grow.