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Fran k

About Me:

Living and working as much as possible for the gift economy. Ive always been me, though I discovered I could be confident and found me, and grow when I had my lovely children.

Exhibit change by:

I am developing model land for a potential community that can decrease its use of money and exchange, and increase its use of gift economy. using feedback, its hoped that we can increase small communities. Im active in shared land, forest gardening, and in the wider community, give and take stalls, community sharing spaces.

I'm passionate about:

Sharing and nurturing and growing, and that all our needs should be fed, and Community.

as at present, we value each other hierarchically, materially, we have the midas touch, we only see things have value when theyre rare, like a golden eagles egg. When the most precious thing is simple life, and what feeds it, warmth, food, water, air and community. With these we have everything, and the rest would be just interest.