Graciela De Oto


  • City, State: Buenos Aires, Ciudad Buenos Aires
  • Geographic Location: South America

About me:

Somos una red social, global y de negocios destinada al crecimiento personal y profesional de la mujer.
Promovemos el desarrollo de redes de contacto y brindamos capacitación a todas las mujeres interesadas en desarrollar capacidades de liderazgo

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Temas de género, liderazgo, negocios, capacitación

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From Economica:

With support from foundations like Suma Veritas, women in Argentina are increasingly empowered to start small and médium sized businesses that are becoming more and more essential to the country's economy. Suma Veritas President Graciela De Oto talks about why mentorship matters, what obstacles women are facing, and how they might possibly overcome them.  


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