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Gabriela Horvat

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i am a jeweler, artist, maker, i create things.

There is one thing no one can take from you: your knowledge
My name is gabriela horvat. I am what I do.
I am defined by different disciplines that I study, have studied and will study.
I am like a big sponge… I absorb.
I imagine myself like an amoeba, taking form as I go
I keep growing, growing fat with knowledge.
I safeguard knowledge, I store it, because it is my weapon, it models me… because it makes me who I am.

The objects I create emerge from playing with different materials, techniques, memories.

The material does not appear in front to me as an inert collection of immutable/unchangeable forms.
The dialogue occurs through my senses, through my way of manipulating it and awakening it, of interrogating it, and it, me.

Each piece tells a feeling, a sensation, a deed… a smile.

Exhibit change by:

by making...

I'm passionate about:

my son.
thinking through my hands.
sharing, again.