Anuradha Sengupta


  • City, State: Mumbai
  • Geographic Location: Asia

About me:

I am a media professional with over 18 years of experience in print, broadcast and communications. I have consistently engaged with gender issues as a journalist, as an editor and as a producer of TV news programmes. My first job fresh out of college was a 6-month stint with Manushi, the Indian equivalent of Ms magazine.
At my next job at a communications company in New Delhi, I worked on awareness-building products on a diverse range of social issues like women’s rights and reproductive health, children’s issues, and domestic violence for international development agencies. In the mid 90s, I reported from Kuwait after the war covering the PoWs issue and the status of women in Kuwait with interviews of women in high-level positions such as the Information and Broadcasting Minister, editor of a woman’s magazine, head of the PoW organization, Dean of the Kuwait University and the only woman fire-fighter in the team that helped combat the oil fires after the Gulf War.
I have supervised The Telegraph (a leading English daily from Calcutta) newspaper’s flagship Sunday page – Women. Part of the Sunday features section, the page examined the politics of being a woman. It looked at topical events to see how they impacted a woman’s world and carried a mix of news, features and commentary and interviews with women from Northeast human rights activist Irom Sharmila to a woman in a village in Tamil Nadu who set up a mosque for women. As a writer and journalist, I have examined issues like the prevalence of toy figures that affirm to gender stereotypes; the plight of rape victims in India and how the courts deal with them. I have written for WomensEnews -- a New York based news portal on gender issues and Utne-award winning Kitchen Sink magazine on female feticide in urban India.

Exhibit change by:

I forged a partnership with MAM (an organization formed to promote independent I have also been instrumental in forging a partnership between a mainstream newspaper and MAM (an organization formed to promote independent films from South Asia and to create cinema to inspire social change) on a project called She Creates -- young girls from different socio-economic areas like Dharavi slums to those from private schools were given cameras and asked to shoot short films on what it is like to be a girl.
And initiated a project for a youth magazine -- Girls Will Be Girls which deconstructed the way young girls are portrayed on popular children’s TV shows.

I'm passionate about:

Gender, children's issues, environment, farmer's rights, urban development, sustainable development. I recently launched an independent media collective for children and youth - Jalebi Ink. (

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