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About Me:

Although I was born in Havana, Cuba and came to Mexico at the age of four, roots are never lost and even if our identity is the sum of many legacies, they all must be validated, maintained and inherit to future generations.

I believe that nothing happens or changes in the outside, if it does not happen or change in the inside.
I'm very convinced that women in our role as mothers, are the ones who educate our children with our attitude and example.

That is our privilege but our great responsibility as well.

I'm a sculptress, photographer and do many installations as well, and my work (through art) is always aimed at turning the viewer into co-creator of the final outcome of the piece of art.

Exhibit change by:

The only way I've found to make people participate in something, is to invite them to become part of that thing.
The change comes when the viewer (being part of the project) inadvertently becomes so involved in his own reflections that this eventally will lead him to a better level of self-awareness
With his participation he will most of the times, upgrade his world perception and his self conciousness.

I'm passionate about:

I'm deeply passionate about art, but for me art is not a simply artistic and aesthetic expression, but part of a concept that from the begining had the intention to provoke relfection ..