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Azza K. Abuzeid

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I am a 20 years old young lady, born and raised in Sudan. I have studied primary school in Khartoum, Unity High School, then followed by studying Management in Ahfad University of Women. I have 3 younger sisters and one older brother. I am a very ambitious person and was taught by my parents that every dream is poosible.I dream to be successful and outstanding. For a women to do so, it is a hard job and that is why i dream to prove that women can be successful in every way. I am intersted in increasing my knowledge, improving my interaction skills with others, improving my society, making my country a better place and generating gender equity. Personally, i consider under-estimaton a major issue facing the young women in my country entering the workforce. Women generally in my country are looked down at. They are thought to be weak, vulnerable and clumsy. For example, in Sudan, we don't come across many women who are holding Head Manager positions, for they are thought to be unqualified to do so. Secondly, women can not work night shifts in any company. Thirdly, wages paid are usually lower than men. Last but not least, women in Sudan generally get married in a young age. They then face difficulties of convincing their husbands of working and entering the workforce.

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Gender Equality, Womens' Education, Health and the Community,,, etc