Miranda Innes


  • City, State: Citta della Pieve, Umbria
  • Geographic Location: Europe

About me:

I'm a writer and journalist, living in Umbria.I have had 20 non-fiction books published, and for 13 years was garden editor at Country Living UK, also at the Sunday Express colour mag and Metropolitan Home UK for a couple of years.

Exhibit change by:

What an interesting question - well, like every mid-list writer I've discovered times are hard, so I've qualified as a yoga teacher, and teach four times a week.

I'm passionate about:

I own a riad in Marrakech, and do what I can to liberate women in Muslim cultures from their second class victim status. This boils down to employing two and paying them properly, but I would love to do more for them. I have a personal passion for Buddhism and of course, yoga.

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