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Dianne Griffin

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DigAll Media, a 501(c)(3) San Francisco based non-profit organization, was organized to create media, which deepen public understanding of issues that affect our lives, expand cultural, environmental and global awareness, educate a diverse population, empower the disenfranchised, and initiate personal and social change.

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By creating media for the masses, at little or no charge for viewing!

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The creative process and community outreach involved in making Painted Nails has enriched Ms. Jordan and Ms. Griffin as collaborative filmmakers. Their collaboration has inspired them to approach this documentary with a new lens, yet incorporating styles and techniques they admire in each other’s past work. Jordan’s strong dramatic feature background has given her skills to tell intimate character-driven stories. She’s interested in using screenwriting techniques to make Painted Nails as engaging to watch as a well-constructed narrative film. Using her experience as a professional video editor, Jordan wants to construct Painted Nails as a visual story, communicating through juxtaposition, showing, not telling the audience. Deeply rooted in documentary form, Griffin has explored multicultural society and how we perceive and negotiate differences, the stranger, the “other.” With the camera, she has entered unfamiliar territory, creating intimate connections in far lands such as Eritrea. Griffin is thrilled to have this artistic experience in her “backyard” – San Francisco — as she relates to the diverse assortment women in Van’s nail salon. Influenced by the mentorship of Ross McElwee (Sherman’s March), Griffin has used a first-person approach to her documentaries. She is interested in exploring ways to drop the mask of objectivity and allow the filmmakers’ voice to be heard and image seen in the interviews and inquiries. These techniques will be further explored in the editing room.