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Nohra Villamil Torres

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I am medical doctor, magister in public health and magister in Integrated Management Systems in Quality, environment, corporate social responsibility, security and health. For many years I worked in places where war and poverty have affected people in many aspects of their lives. I have worked with several NGOs in different places and positions, leading community programs, managing projects, and creating public-private partnerships to improve the living conditions of people. I like to lead teams by providing team members with the opportunities to apply their knowledge and acquire and develop new ones in order to have successful stories in the project.
I have 20 years of experience in promoting and leading projects related with: social development, public health, gender, education and human rights in Africa and Latin America. I have worked in directing, managing, planning, training, researching, monitoring, evaluationg and advising in several projects using best practices.

For one and a half year, I was the CEO of Let's Advance Together Foundation, in Colombia, where I got financing for social development projects, such as those focused in integrated self-sufficient farms, single mothers, gender violence and family businesses, reproductive health and education. For two years, I worked as the National Director in Angola for a project in sexual and reproductive health which was developed Ministry of Health, Advance Africa and USAID. I was an advisor in the hospital of Caála (Huambo-Angola), where I organized the program of quality and prevention of occupational risks. I worked co-researcher with CMI Norway and Catholic University in an investigation about the health situation in Angola which was published in June 2011. I had the position as National Senior Health Advisor for Save the Children in Angola, where I provided scientific advice to solve critical problems in Luanda, Kuanza sul, Huambo and Zaire provinces, with approaches consistent with current best practices.

I have written proposals for donors, designed databases, advocacy with the governmental institutions; also organized the monitoring and evaluation System. I have been trainer of trainers and supervisor of health technicians, teachers and students, and I designed and developed various modules for health technicians, teacher and community workers on primary health care and nutrition.

Through my experience I have learned to combine technical and managerial skills, gaining a sense of organization, which has taught me to handle complex workloads in stressful situations. I have good communication skills and I enjoy working with people, creating a team with a shared vision, to achieve the objective proposed by the organization. I love what I do and because of that, I work with responsibility, enthusiasm and conviction. My outstanding strength is my natural ability to motivate and encourage my collaborators to discover and develop their capacities so they that can take advantage of all their personal and professional skills. My social sensitivity and my continuous desire to share my knowledge and experience and help people to develop, makes me a natural mentor. My excellent interaction with government authorities, NGOs, CBOs, FBOs and donors, lead them to trust in the fulfillment of the proposed objectives. Similarly, my advocacy activities has guaranteed the sustainability of the projects.

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Reading, writing, sports, photography, painting and being speaker of technical, motivational and corporate social responsibility issues