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Laurie Anspach

About Me:

I am an artist and designer and have worked in various art fields all my life. I, also, am a teacher and taught over 300 students with the belief that we are all artists. My students excelled and I am currently working on two series of paintings about children, their dreams, the importance of nurturing them and our country so that they have the chance to realize their dreams. I have done several community art projects including a mural for our local fire department to commemorate the heroes of 911. I am dedicated, to awakening, our culture's love and care for children and for America.

Exhibit change by:

I exhibit change through all that I have done and continue to do as an artist. I have set trends in the design world and intend to set a trend in the fine art world that returns us to traditional, quality art that communicates broadly and positively affects the direction of our culture.

I'm passionate about:

I am very passionate about children, our youth, and the need to care for them and to nurture their dreams. I am passionate about each individual doing all they can do to foster the youth and to care for our country while doing so. I am passionate about positive change!