Ben Di Maggio

United States

  • City, State: Cambridge, MA
  • Geographic Location: North America
  • Age: 40

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Equality Without Reservation Campaign

Equality Without Reservation Campaign

Sign a petition to support the Equality Without Reservation Campaign, which appeals to all Arab Governments for the withdrawal of reservations and the ratification of the Optional Protocol to CEDAW.

Design a Political Poster

Design a Political Poster

Favianna designs incredible political posters and puts them online for all social activist use. In the service of social justice, use freely those black and white stickers in any and all of your leaflets, newsletters, banners and picket signs. Browse the artwork.


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From Women, Power and Politics:

Picturing Power
All of us have seen a political poster past its time: peeling off a wall in tatters, or peeking out from underneath another poster of the next big thing.  Posters are, by their very nature, a throwaway form of art and communication.  But, when it comes to posters produced by and for India's women, one group wants to ensure these messages are not forgotten.


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