Jane R. Willson

United States

  • City, State: San Francisco, CA
  • Geographic Location: North America

About me:

I'm a figurative painter, drawn to creating historical narratives in a magical realism style. My current work explores the gender-based roots of fairy tales: how they began as worldwide women's oral tales and evolved, through cultural/technological appropriation, into the high art literary tales we all know today.

My Web site:

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Exhibit change by:

I exhibit change through exhibiting! Basically, I research, paint and curate pop-up museum art exhibitions, and install them in public venues. In these exhibitions I illuminate the little known gendered view of women's traditional narratives--and how they have come to play out in contemporary culture.

I'm passionate about:

My passion lies in uncovering unseen things, especially cultural things. In particular I'm passionate about finding the "so obvious they are not even obvious" gendered codes for girls--the ones embedded in world story. When I find such codes, illuminate them in entertaining ways, in public art forums.

So, my passion begins here, naming these ancient cultural codes that keep us collectively silent. The ones that still thrive in contemporary story (literature, film, internet, video games, governmental law and legislation). How can we free ourselves to be ourselves if we cannot see our own tethers? This is why I hunt for this invisible, which dwells in all our stories, sometimes inhibiting us, inhibiting me...

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