Khadija Baker


  • Geographic Location: Middle East and North Africa
  • Age: 6

About me:

Khadija Baker was born and educated as a youth in the Kurdish town of Amoude, Syria. She received a BFA in 1996 and completed a Master’s degree in Interior Design in 1999 from the University of Damascus, Syria. In 2001, Baker moved to Montreal, Canada and worked as a graphic designer. She has a BFA in Studio Arts from Concordia University, with a major in painting and drawing. Baker is the recipient of many scholarships, including the Scholarship for Special Projects from the Fine Arts Students Association (FASA) at Concordia (2005 & 2006), the In Bourse Scholarship - Arab World (2006), and the George Balcany Bursary for Painting and Drawing (2007). She will start her Master’s degree in 2007 at Central St-Martins University of the Arts (London). Baker has exhibited in Montreal, Lebanon, and Syria. Most recently she did a residency and performance at the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) in 2007.

I'm passionate about:

في المرة الاولى اردت ان اجعل من هذا العمل شاهدا على تلك المجازر الجماعة في العراق. و عندما عدت لاعادة العمل كنت اسعى للنظر الى المستقبل و كيفية جعل الماضي حافزا الى المستقبل فبت انظر الى هذا العش كانه رحم و منه انتقل الى عالم جديد اكثر سلاما وكرامة.

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