Márcia Pinho


  • City, State: Indaiatuba
  • Geographic Location: South America
  • Languages: Portuguese, English (bad!), Spanish (bad too!)
  • Age: 38

About me:

Márcia Pinho is a Brazilian painter who communicates with the world via Internet. She is a member of the International Association of Art (IAA-AIAP UNESCO) . She has exhibited in the USA, Dubai, China, México, Portugal and in several Brazilian states. She has participated in several national and international exhibitions and received numerous prizes. Her work was exhibited on several art web sites, including World Wide Resources and

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From Exhibiting You:

Women have always been a source of inspiration for the arts. The sensuality of their curves, the delicacy of their skin and the beauty of the feminine soul have been portrayed for centuries. To be female is to be special. I say "female," because I am speaking about all species, not just humans. As a group, we live through a unique array of emotions. We gain inspiration through our roles as mothers and demonstrate our feelings in ways that can only truly be understood by other females.

Since I started to paint when I was 10 years old, the women in my life have inspired me. My women are sensual, versatile, glad, mysterious, seductive, multi-colorful, and motherly. They are free; they are complete.



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